Rahul Roy wins Bigg Boss 2006-2007

Rahul Roy got 5 million rupees as a prize when he won the reality show Bigg Boss on 27 Jan. Bigg Boss is a reality show known for high emotional drama and various controversies involving clebraties, the latest one being from its UK edition Bigg Brother.

It should be noted that Rahul Roy taught a number of things that are very useful for managers.

1. Remain cool no matter what the situation might be. Its certain that it will revert to normal even though it may take some time to get some things setelled.

2. Avoid conflicts. Once a task has been gives, concentrate on how to accompalish it. Do not worry about its consequence.

3. Just dont get into personal complexities of any person. In large organizations, this is the biggest challenge wherein the manager has to handle so many people from different background. People do take their personalities to work and tend to associate it with  their success or loss.

4. Believe in yourself. The only ultimate thing thats gonna provide you with strength and success.

5. Do not take half chances. A firm decision avoids future trouble and controversies.

6. Dont speak the truth if its gonna hurt you. Remember. There are no secret rooms. No one, but the eyes of Truth are always watching and hearing you. Learn the skill of maintaining silence.

7. Finally, put your money where your mouth is. Dont get distracted by external disturbances. Its bussiness, and everyone’s want to to win, maybe by fair or unfair means. You too do the same..This behavious can be termed as hypocritic at times, but then this is the way the world goes..