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  • Harshad Joshi 6:18 pm on June 12, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    A practical approach for blocking Orkut and saving trouble 

    From the past few days theIndian media is in all sorts of frenzy, displaying the news and reports telling that Indian government has instructed CERT India to ‘ban’ Orkut access primarily because,

    1. Indian authorities believe that Orkut allowes creation of flame communities that pack enough ammunation to set cities on fire and a punch that hurts the fragile ego of icon worshippers.

    2. Orkut is a place where loners waste their bandwidth hunting for girls, their personal details, a photograph or pieces of vital info.

    3. Orkuts a facinating place where you can abuse anyone, yes anyone, ranging from George Dubya Bush to the local administration without the fear of getting in line of fire. Although too much abusing or ranting can lead to your profile or community being marked as fake. But why bother , you can create plenty of fake accounts.

    4. Orkut is also a place where one can secretly plan their next rave party without the cops noticing it.

    Actually, I am not sure that this is what the government or authorities think of, but these all activites are being carried out on Orkut. No doubt about it. And I also know that the democratic government of India will try as little as possible to ‘ban’ it, afterall, the govt has so many daunting tasks ahead of them, be it the election of new president after Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the Chinese theat claims over Arunachal Pradesh, the rising value of ruppee against the US dollor(Huh, isent this thing funny? The rise of ruppee against dollor is extremely conducive to the booming Indian economy, but is a warning bell for the cheap service industry that is the home of US BPOs etc. Strange ways of economy. What to lose and what to keep?)

    On top of it, people get mad each time they discover that Orkut is being misused by sadistic outfits for achieving their targets. Orkut certainly gives a nice facility to create various groups and read a wide audience, but is it vitally necessary to get involved in Orkut to a level where we find it difficult to communication without the digital network? I mean the analog social network, the real one is much more good option.

    Some reasons for Orkuts wide misuse

    1. It allows creation of fake profiles and hate communities. Although theres provision for reporting it as bogus, the procedure isent foolproof. It can work either ways. Using this facility, someone can report a persons profile as bogus, even though that individual may be posting the truth. Who is to decide that the validity and quality of contents posted are in interest of community or no? Tough job, AI hasent reached this height as of now.

    2. People have to learn to exist in digital world. Even if the digital world is limited to a few dark servers placed on unknown datacenters, the impact they cause on real lifes can be damaging. It cannot be blamed on any digital network. People carry their personality, their good, bad attributes, imperfections, ideologies where ever they go. When this happens, usually theres trouble, leading to unstability.

    Inspite of everything, Orkut wont be ‘banned’, no one except the Chinese govt has the courage to ‘ban’ Google, but I still think that Orkut needs to be ‘blocked’ in offices, corporations, at place of work, school, colleges, government sections, public places etc. Doing this will be more feasible. Majority of well known companies block access to Orkut site, the reason is very simple – Dont want to distract the employees attention from work, and dont want to get into any legal trouble because of any employees miscreant activies.

    In schools and colleges, we go to study and not surf the web. Its common sense. We dont want to expose students to ill effects of bad company.

    So, that leaves us to homes. Yes, at home, we are free to do  anything. Access Orkut from your home.

    Moral of the story – Orkut cannot be ‘banned’ in India but it certainly can be ‘blocked’ by using proxy servers. Any digital social network can be a great tool to explore the world around us, but till the time we dont find a common unified way of understanding the ‘real’ world, we might face these problems forever.

    And as usual, as far as I am concerned, I personally feel that there are lot of other problems in this world that need a top priority attention example – Global Warming, Rise of terrorist outfits etc. It makes little sense to quarrel and argue over a damm freaky Orkut.

    • Shyam 10:45 am on September 9, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Global warming is a myth.

  • Harshad Joshi 2:23 pm on June 2, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Mathematics is a useless tool for solving real world problems 

    There is an excellant artical by Margarita González Sampayo,which explains us the reasons why Laplace transformations and related mathematics isent essentially useful for engineering studiesor any real world problems. While hard core mathematicians would not welcome this move, I guess many engineering students will definately support this unanimously…!!!Download the entire thesis from here.

    • Darth Maul 7:38 pm on June 18, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      No man, maths is everything, if theres no maths theres no science and the chain goes on.
      MATHS is the base of pyramid upon which stands all other scientific fields.

    • Roberto 12:21 am on June 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      This thesis says nothing about mathematics being useless, especially not useless in solving ‘real world’ problems. Do you have any idea how the chair you’re sitting on, the computer you’re using, the walls that surround you were even made? Mathematics were intimately tied to it all.

      This thesis speaks of the DIFFICULTIES of the mathematics, and why they are present.

      Please change this horribly misleading and laughable title.

      -An electrical engineer

    • John Michael Corleone 6:59 am on July 17, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      What ever the reason has been , for these thesis to come out , I think the content of it, probes one thing. Main philosopycal thinking can prevale over a specific problem. Not all problems can be solve by maths, analisys is the main thing to be . In this matter another principal element is observation. So I encourage first analize, then apply some theory from the wide of range disciplines and pure sciences before know which fits to your problem.

    • Harshad Joshi 9:46 am on July 17, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I support what you say.Analysis and plain common sense can virtually solve any kind of problems, but mathematics creates rigid rules and algorithms, most of the times we find are too ‘theory’ to be implemented in practical..

      Mathematics supports call ‘Mathematics’ the language to create abstract models of real world… whatever…who cares anyway? I guess most of us like to live in a ‘real world’, and not an abstract world full of theory

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