Dont gets scared, thats just my cyborg avtar.. 😉 The real about me begins after this line..

Success at any cost,

This post is an addover to this post..

sounds good when you are winning, but the moment you lose, it sounds arrogant..

Many people are calling me arrogant..and I need to sort out this issue.

OK, lets clear this thing up. There are three kind of people around. The first catagory comprises of plain licky dorks. They are ones you see getting all the accolades, they are the ones who are successsful in all aspects,they are brilliant in studies, they are brilliant in their work, presentation, they appear plain lucky, they get everything at fair ease, whats more, they even get a life partner without slogging, in short, they are the ones you often desire to be, but for some reasons, you are not able to do it. You are in grief, its natural, dont worry.

The second one of them are just born to be unlucky. They have to struggle even for the most basic things in life. Have you ever heard of something called as Somalia?? Or Bosnia? These are states where people are killed as if they are ants. here, the biggest achievemnt is to stay alive, plain alive, no matter how hard or tough life is, no matter if there is something to eat or not, whether theres anything to wear or not, they just mean to stay alive.

And then, there is a third kind involving most of people like you and me. We arent as lucky as the first catagory, but lets find apositive thing in here. We arent so unlucky like the second catagory too…Isent it cool..We have to struggle, but fine, we can manage it,atleast our struggle is not as dangerous like the Somalians or the Bosnians, isent it? Wedo have got our own share of pain, our short griefs, our own sadenesses, but then, why should we get unhappy just because we arent from 1st catagory?? Just think – Everything is meant to be just like it is meant to be..they are lucky, they were meant to be like that, the second catagory were unlucky, they were meant to be like that, just dont bother to compare yourself with anyone. Comparison between unequal things isent the wise decision, or is it? In this world, we keep on interacting with so many people all around aus. Having an affinity is but natural. Take care that this affinity and affection dosent turn to rage that ravages your way of doing things. To a certain extent, its good to have affiliations, affections, but too much of it?? It just spoils that party..

Dont worry, dont fret….let life be as it is..learn to accept pain just as you accepted all gains. Dont leave ego, but make sure that ego dosent rule your minds creating fluctuations in the most simple decisions you make.

Let bygones be bygones. A new day has come…

Remember –
1. Dont companre yourself with the strong or the weak. You wil get incorrect results, nothing more

2. Ego is a great weapon. Has the capaciy to hurt anyone. Make sure that you dont hurt the ego of someone more powerful then you,.

3. You are not paid to get affiliated to your co-workers at your workplace. An office/college is a place not meant for having affiliations or affections..Dont bother if someone around you manages to get too much affiliated or attracted to each other..Its their life, they will do anything..it shouldent matter to you..

4. Tha mantra is – ‘I get everything what I deserve, Karma gives it to me. Others get what others deserve, they get it through their Karma. I wont try to ape copy what others do, ‘

Thank you for you read this entire thing..

All content (c) me, 2008.

(PS – This was written by me at a time when i was in sort of philosophical mood combined with unhappiness and philanthropy. I am not always like that most of occasions .. 😉