Autumn Haiku 

Dedicated to a picture of Mt Fuji I saw on Twitter

who waves the fan ?

blow slowly

wind from Mt Fuji…


While going on a morning walk

on this road

goes no one

autumn and me but…


For a lone and heartlessly cold night

i threw away

a midnight dream

in a midnight dream…


Winter walking in Pune

falling on the ground

settles in autumn dust

a dry leaf..


For the leafless neem tree in my garden

eagle hovers..!

little squirrel scampering

leafless autumn tree..!!


these fallen leafs

used to pose in pride

till autumn came…


My Favourite –

leafs fall silently..!

but make noise

when autumn walks on..


Untimely winter rains in Pune

autumn rain..!!

where will squirrel hide?

this leafless tree…