It has been a long time 

Its almost an year i last logged in and wrote a blog post. So many significant things happened in the last year..and this year. Life is getting more and more busy and finding time for pursing hobbies, passion and art is getting harder and harder. Its almost a luxury these days. Right now its diwali time and i just found a quiet corner of my home and all thoughts waiting to get poured on paper or blog from last year/month/week have gathered up..just dont know from where to start…

Ok..let me start by wishing you all a happy diwali. May you have awesome time and great fun ahead. Not preaching you of stopping use of fireworks or any moral policing..but sure to say that we must do and enjoy stuff with caution and moderation, self moderation to be precise. Too much of anything is not good 🙂

Coming back to blog posts – sure theres pretty much eventful stuff it in politics or be it in technology. I am no expert in social science or politics but technology..yes..i can understand a bit of it more then average expect future posts to be technoiillogy related.

I guess this much is enough for now. Hope i write the next blog post soon 🙂

Till then – be good. be happy. be awesome.