Lockdown thoughts – Day 12

Lessons learnt in this lockdown – Part 1

  1. World is not prepared for biological warfare
  2. People fear for economy collapse more then their own life
  3. We are not capable to cope with sudden changes in life
  4. Morals and ethics are tested in difficult times, and we aren’t ready for those tests
  5. We can survive without junk food for quite long time.
  6. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness should be the basic foundation of every civilized society
  7. If given a free hand, people prefer spreading chaos instead of peace
  8. Internet and social media can be terribly boring if used for long time. Their algorithms are designed to show what they want to show you and not what you want to see
  9. We can also stay away from TV and feel nothing bad about oneself
  10. Efficiency of Work from home is nonsense if done for more then three days. An office is supposed to be a place where we work and that is why it is an office, don’t expect quality work if it’s wfh
  11. People will stay in your contact only if you are on their priority or usefulness list. Nobody cares for you unless you are a celebrity, a vip or just dead.
  12. We must fear the powers of nature. Nature does not owe anything to humans so our destruction will not affect nature and other living organisms anything