This is me, and with or without stubble, thats a manly look of today 😉

I am a typical happy-go-lucky, humble, simple and a very egoistic person 😉

Let me clear thing up.

1. I am happy-go-lucky

Yes, I always look at lighter part of everything and try to find everything thats good into it. I try to make good relations with people i meet, not necessarily that can be called as friendship or anything, but till today, I havent made staunch enemies 😀

2. I am humble- Yes, I am humble. Especially when I meet someone more great then me, automatically I am humbled. I mean its wise to be humble in front of people who have got greater power and authorities then you. In this process, they dont get hurt and neither do you. Everyones benifitted, and nothing much is lost

3. I am egoistic – In my life, for some things, I have struggled as lot. Many things I have today werent easy to come by, but I toiled very hard for them. I dont know about others, but i am not a very rich person. I never had any contacts nor i had people who could have lobbied for me. Whatever I am, I am almost on my own..I am proud of it. People called it egoistic sometimes, and honestly, I dont care about them unless it someone of my boss catagory.. 😛

More will be added as and when I (re)discover myself more. 😉

Some of my (impossible) dreams are….

1. Riding a F1 racing car at full speed..

2. Having my own Land Rover..

3. Flying in a Sukhoi F-30 MKI fighter jet.


Is a very happy developer at India Force Linux,conceiving a new linux distro targetted towards computer security…