The last sunday of october

Whoa, its been quite long since i updated my last post on this place. Looking at the last date, it is around 3 months ago but it feels like it was done some year ago or so. Time is flying..i am getting old. 🙂

2018 is ending in 2 months time, and this is my usual routine of checking upcoming trends on YouTube, social media on a Sunday evening, today is no different. This is what i found – people are going gaga over a mobile game that reminds me of counter strike we used to play on LAN when in college some decade and half ago. Personally i was never fond of counter strike because it didn’t had those cool graphics i used to prefer in those days – like DOOM 3 or quake series. It was a simple game with simple game play involving two teams trying to kill each story line or the action hero saving world from aliens or mafia etc. This Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) seems to be the mobile version of that concept except that kids these days have a luxury of playing games online on their mobile, and we back then had to rely on wired lan for getting that adrenaline pumping experience. They even stream mobile game play online

Quite an experience.

Ok, i just got to know this game isent strictly meant for mobile alone, there is a steam version as well which can be played on any platform supporting steam game play.

Personally i am planning to get back to gaming, lets see how its done 😉