The wishlist for my phone 

It’s no secret that I want to own a jio feature phone that does nothing more then just making and receiving VoLTE calls, because to be honest, I am bored of touch screen handsets that have a standard fixed design..and a battery life that needs recharge every single day… 

Original jio phone is just a candy bar design with usual T9 keyboard that was quite mainstream till 2007, but I have a wishlist of features I want on that phone..

1. The flip phone design – I had owned moto razr v3i from 2006 to 2010,and it was arguable the best designed and much coveted phone before iPhone with its sophisticated touchscreen and graphics took over world (along with Android), however, these modern Droids don’t give the satisfactory feel of snapping flipphone to end calls

2. Physical qwerty keyboard – ok, can they bring a physical qwerty keyboard if making flipphone design is not considered!?

I don’t require too much camera power etc, but then I won’t complain if someone enterprising brings up an android flip phone (Samsung did but never launched it in India, and I am not a huge fan of TouchWiz interface)

Maybe sometimes I have too much wishful thinking, sometimes over the limit, but again, who doesnt… 😉 😁