Some fucking useful tips  

Some fucking useful tips to prevent yourself from getting pissed off too often. 
1. Buy a well spaced and ergonomic keyboard. That way it won’t fucking affect your wrists and you won’t get rsi or carpel tunnel syndrome that early. You will concentrate on working more then just feeling that nagging pain. 
2. Buy a good monitor with full HD resolution. 
3. Buy good quality headphones so that you prevent fucking negative people barking around you. 
4. Don’t ever hide emotions for any reasons whatsoever…if you like someone say so. If you hate someone say so. 

Be prepared to accept bricks because you are a badass. 
5. Disable that fucking autocorrect and for that you must fucking know your spellings right. 
6. Use this phase –  fuck off to anything that pissed you.
Yeah that completes it.