Hello Lenovo 

Hello lenovo 
This is my first ever Lenovo handset and it is all set to replace combination of an old nokia and oneplus one that I am using since last 11 months or so.
Plus points of this handset 
1. Almost stock android ui and runs on marshmellow (after update) 
2. Dual Sim device. Can accommodate my personal and office sim card. No need to carry 2 handsets like I am doing right now. 
3. Has radio 📻 – an fm radio is quite good esp when I visit places having less or no 3g coverage. And my audio collection is quite small…cant hear same songs for long time. Oneplus one sadely misses out on  fm radio! 
4. Gorilla glass protection – must have feature for all phones released and to be released in India. 
5. 3 GB ram – now its bare minimum to have 2 GB ram so 3 is quite sufficient for an year now. 
Minus points (few but yes, kinda annoying factors) 
1. No back light on capacitive buttons or onscreen buttons – why!?!?  Even my first Android from 2013 –  micromax had back-lit buttons. Oneplus one has bot features of having onscreen and dimly lit capacitive touch keys..
2. mediatek processor and soc –  after using snapdragon 8 series on opo, everything rest seems slow. Personally I have prejudiced views for mediatek brand. 
3. Price –  I purchased it for 11k. At this processors features, the price should have been max 9k.  
4. Fast charging –  not sure if it has these features. 
5. Bugs – my sisters phone used to crash randomly during phone calls after updating to marshmallow. Hope I don’t get these bugs.