random musings

i have got nothing to say, but felt i should break the series of photographs i am posting from past few weeks. I am not a professional or amateur photographer, nor i know any details of what magic these people add to photos, but i can press a button and capture a moment..and outcome is an unsteady image..unless the camera is really good and has high stability features..

Actually, it is my observation that image editing apps are very popular on android tablets..i have used some of them, and dumbstruck to find how these apps manage to churn awesome looking photos within seconds..suddenly you start feeling like almost a pro..check the photos posted on this blog..previous to this post..

So a question comes..do apps define a success of mobile platform? How long will this trend of mobile applification continue? Can we ever see a dumb client and smart cloud (push, sync, scale)? How many features and utilities of conventional desktops can be applified to fit for mobile usage?


Think..the race is on – Android v/s Iphone v/s rest of other mobile OS