voodoo economics of android phones in india

Life before android phones was pretty easy. It was just about selecting a nokia symbian phone, or a plain j2me phone with no OS.

Enter 2012 and one can find several dozen mobile handset companies packing in android with IPS, capacitive, multi touch screen, GPS, SNS integrations, 1Ghz plus processors..so much confusion as to what model to choose from for what features.

Even that would have been better..but what creates this confusion is the voodoo economics of mobile handset markets.

Today indian android mobile market has got mnc players like samsung, lg, htc, motorola that cater to hi and mid range customers at a price quite expensive by indian standards..one the other hand, indian android handset makers like micromax, karbonn etc pack in almost similar facilities at a price significantly less then mid phone price of a mnc.

Take example of HTC wildfire S and Karbonn A18

Carefully go through technical specs of both phone and you will find that karbonn a18 is much much more powerful handset with fast processor and latest os..while htc handset is lagging at android 2.3 with a medium range processor.

Problem arises is when you see the prices at which they are available. HTC wildfire S is almost Rs 2100/-  more then Karbonn A18. Why cant flipkart or any online store price it at comparatively less then handsets that have latest os and powerful features?!

I do not understand this voodoo pricing of handsets..esp those of mnc and indian brands. Offline stores are yet another story..they price handsets much higher then online stores..

Leaves one wondering if problem is of having a choice to select from many or is the problem of not having choice or is it the devil that is in details we are getting bombarded daily?!

I dont know..