writing a scalable web framework 

How to write a non bloated, scalable and yet easy to read and write web framework?

click over here –  https://bitbucket.org/hj91/federated-microblogging

Total time allocated was 25 minutes, but needed less then 8 minutes to scribble this.. 😉

This script is an attempt to write a quick-dirty-kludge federated microblogging using plain html and mongodb. It has no concept of login or admin and expects users to post using their xmpp accounts..thus it adds kind of security by making use of xmpp authentication..

Main intention is to learn how to avoid bloated and complex web frameworks and yet create dynamic pages.

Some bit of javascript and rss/atom support will be added but till now no code is written for this..

The html template is fairly primitive..you can enhance it.