How to build up a kludge federated microblogging app in 25 minutes 

This is one of those crazy thoughts that bug you for long and you decide to squish that bug in matter of 25 minutes or less.. this bug was – How to build a kludge, raw federated microblogging app using python, html and mongodb. Note – there is no login or logout concept..only a plain text file that is generated and stored on server.  Hint – use xmpp in some place to make sure only the users you trust can write blog posts..

To start with xmpp interfaced with xml-rpc, head here –

Do not forget – only pure python and rudimentary HTML will do..I did it with only <html> <h1> </h1> </html> stuff… 😉

Job done in 8 minutes. Yeep..

Wait till i post the code on github..