since so long

when was the last time you didnt had any label or string attached with you. a life like a free bird perching on any tree he likes..

no email id, no cell phone, no job profile, no gimmicks, no one to bother for, no information overload, no social networks, no youtube, first computer didnt even had network card. only thing we used to do was to play shareware games provided with PC Quest and Chip. and some bit of C programming.

my journey in this www digital world started in 2003 when i registered for my first yahoo id. and its expanding and growing since then..

2003 seems like some 6 months reality, its almost 10 years ago. time flew so fast. freaking 10 years. imagine counting 10 years. how much is that?

dont know what i will type 15 years after today. i will leave this post for that time.