Outburst on Indian tv media – an old story retold

Now that the dust has settled down….

"Power and Monopoly 
This is danger 
Until you have it.."

Barksha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and many of the english speaking journalists are the entities having misappropriate powers sadely they dont know how to control, they dont even know what exactly their purpose is..

Are these guys government blackmailers, are these people the lawmakers of the country, are these people supposed to enlighten people, are these people politicos in making?? Galore…!!

A duty of any kind of journalist is just to put up a news or an event in front of people without altering its meaning or without adding his or her own view in it..

What do we see?

"Nothing is evil 
nothing is bad 
If you get paid for it.."

In India, journalists for some reasons believe that they have got an uncontrolled power to speak,write and say anything and everything..On top of it, commercial news channels are busy 'creating' news. Ok, I agree that this new found sector of news channels will take some time to mature, but how long do we have to wait?

"One month passed by 
Mumbai moves on 
Perils of democracy…"

What did we see on 26/11 attacks? The TV media became the eyes of terrorists..If it hadent for some brave men, a handful of terrorists actually managed to control the Indian commercial capital..why did it happen?

Again, uncontrolled power…the media made a reality show out of it. I thank God that there were no sms competitions held like 

' Which terrorist is the deadliest'
1. Ajaml Kasab
2. Lalu Yadav
3. Amar Singh

My dear blogger friends. 

We have got great responsibility on our hands, so many challenges lie ahead of us, we want to build an entire nation, we have to transform enslaved mentality people into confident and faithful, loyal citizens..Its a task we cant leave for politicos nor these journalists..

Lets not get arrogant like those journos..We are bloggers, Its our space, we will use it for our good purpose and not for mongering around like TV channels…

I hope we will ignore poor souls like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghosh and all the news channels funded by western money..

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This was written long time ago, but much of it is relevant today. In between phase the media did try some antics about Jesica Lal etc, it was more out of self interest to stay in news and trick people that its good for them, but nevertheless, the nonsense still continues…

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