Kitchen Haiku

Today is Chaturthi and I am having a fast, maybe thats why I am thinking of food all time…

Here is some kitchen haiku..Enjoy

mist covers tava
the master slices butter pav
crackling aroma rises…

Have you ever walked across the counter while the expert guy is making the wonderful and irresistible pavbhaji??

wrapping idli in banana leaf
the master gets..
feeling of loneliness

These south indian restaurants prepare so much fluffy and yummy idli, its like a secret art…parting with their creation, do they feel lonely??

unwrapped idli
floats in sambhar
without silent melancholy

Aaah…idli and sambhar are unsparable mates…how much joy it brings when we come togather and celebrate.. 🙂

idli chef recalls
his fathers voice
with a silent burp…!

Thats the best gift…a satisfied burp is mark of a filled stomuch in India.

Anna wipes the counter
chef rolls dosa
round and round..

Those Shetty hotels are in business by tradition…old habbits are hard to die and true skills rarely what if the former chef sits on counter, he still remembers the past…

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