Who robbed my name? 

It was mid 2004 when I got a gmail invite from a close friend. Like all good things, I wanted to register my gmail id as 'harshadjoshi', but sadely the name was taken already. I said in my mind, WTF is this guy taking away my name?? Arrrgh…

Almost 6 years later..ie today.

I got a google alert regarding 'Harshad Joshi' in which I got following information.

1. The email id – harshadjoshi@gmail.com belongs to an IIM, Calcutta alumni.
2. That guy got out of IIMC in 1978, more then 5 years before I was born.
3. His picture and other details – http://picasaweb.google.com/maharishikedia/YearBook?fgl=true&pli=1#5420478777616710226

All this information is courtesy of Google..withing few clicks so much information was availalable which was otherwise impossible..

I wonder if someone can use it for spying on people too..?

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