Live in relationship is fine with Maharashtra Government


The Maharashtra Government headed by Congressman Vilasrao Deshmukh and his ministers have okayed live in relationship..Live in relationship means people of opposite sex can have a relation without legal binding like marriage..

Live in relationship might be common or acceptable in western countries, but by watching numerous Hindi films, thsi is what I have a concept of what might be called a bollywood lifestyle.

1. Both, the girl and boy live in a seperate house, no parents to pester or poke their nose in their affairs..

2. They can have sex anytime, in any way, and usually the girl dosent want to get pregnant, but unfortunately, she does become pregnant..

3. Horrified, the guy leaves her and the poor girl, in tears, determines to raise the child..She cares a damm about others..

4. Finally, a good common friend of the guy and gurl playes the role of Guardian Angel and decides to bring them togather..which is difficult..

5. However, Mr Angel succeeds in bringing them togather, and everyones happy…


Hmm, this is perheps a little bit of a Bollywood Hindi film starring Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta. I found this film undoubtedly the most ridiculous thing i had ever seen, except of couple of Preity-Saif kisses(Wanted to see something more, Censor Board in India is dangerously strict..). But is this what the government wants in Maharashtra??

Actually, there are many people supporting age old marriage style and live in relations..

I am single and I have got no gurl friend, I will oppose it. If I had my girlfriend with me, I would have strongly welcomed it. I know, its double crossing, but this is what is life all about..India is widely known as a country with strong moral values and traditional integrity. Perhaps, that’s why bold exhibitions of romance go for a toss in such a typical society, least being something like live-in-relationships in India. The union of a man and a woman is considered as one of the most sacred acts in this country. No wonder, living together before marriage is a sour dampener for the staunch ethic upholders. However, the new millennium has ushered in great changes even within the country that has forever been enshrouded in a blanket of rich culture and heritage.

To be continued…