School Days 

I remember, one day, I was caught eating salted peanuts in middle of class.  The teacher not only confiscated my delicious, crispy peanuts, but threw me out of the class. I dont know what happened to those tiny handful of khau. The wicked teacher ate them all, or she threw them into dust bin, I dont know. I miss that taste, I miss the feeling of adventure we used to experience while trying to attempt eating in class when teacher was was a way of keeping ourselves awake after the long recess..

However, this isent the greatest adventure I had..

It was summer of 97, and the weather was hot, and for some fancy reasons, the goy sitting in front of me decided that he no longer needed to wear his brown school shoes..he gleefully removed them, and I think he enjoyed fresh air coming to his feet. But for the rest of us, it was punishment. the smell of sweat from his socks was creating high nuisance…So, I decided to play a prank. I reached for one of his shoe. Carefully, I took it away, and passed it to the boy sitting in next row. Fortunately he got an idea what I was upto, he winked as if asking ‘Who?’ I winked back pointing to Chinmay, yes, his name was Chinamy..My intention was only to hide the shoe and let Chinmay hunt for it..but this guy had more funny idea…he passed it along to the next row…and the shoe found itself dislocated somewhere in 6th row. Mind you, I used to sit in 1st row..

In all that process, the teacher suddenly asked Chinmay to answer a question(Chinmay was dozing at that time) Naturally, he was clueless, he stood at his place dumbstuck. The teacher ordered him to walk off the class..It was sort of regular routine for him. Nonchantly, he put on one shoe, and this was when trouble struck…He was unable to locate one of his shoe, and the teacher was unable to understand what was taking so long..She screamed…”Chinmay..!!!” I could watch Chinmays face…those expressions said it all..I mean its so worse, you want to walk off a boring lecture but someone pesky has hidden your shoe, and at that point of time, even I didnt know where his shoe had travelled…He just managed to mumble…”..Mah shoe…e….”, “Shoes…”. Meanwhile, the rest of class realized the grave situation and within seconds, Chinmays shoe arrived at his place using the shortest path first algorithm..Chinmay realized who was the villian behind the scene..He looked at me and said,’ You just wait today after school’

The next day, Chinmay’s parent approached the school teacher, and coz of that, I got transferred from 1st row, 2nd last bench to third row, third bench, directly in front of teacher..only for one week.. 🙂  My height was a proving problem for girls sitting on fourth bench..I came back on my original place..

Meanwhile, I am still wondering whar saved me from getting thrashed from Chinamy and his goons, plain good luck perheps.. 😀