The Ego and the flames

Ego is bad. Very bad. And when you find someone more egoistic then you, then its extremely hard to describe how badly it hurts. What exactly hurts is not known, but somewhere within, deep inside there is pain..lot of pain..words can describe it…but its real and it exists.

I found  a new way to get over pain.

1. I searched for all her conversations from the server. All the dialogs were intact on Gtalk, Gmail and Open Server.

2. Brought a bundle of executive bond papers, the most expensive ones.

3. Opened every conversation I had with her.

4. Print was the command.

5. Printing continued till the entire executive bond paper bundle became empty.

6. Gathered all of them, and arranged them properly.

7. Went on the terrace. Sprinkled some kerosene on it. 1 match stick was enough..

8. As I watched the flames consuming the conversations I had with her, within my true self, something was feeling to be at peace. I think it was ego, maybe..

9. Threw the matchbox in too…emptied the whole kerosene bottle..the eager flames were hungry for more..

10. Felt much better. It was all over for me…One relation ended. I finally was at peace..The rage seemed pacified…

I hope things will be normal now. Slowly, but surely, I will be back. I am not a slave of my ego, but I cant promise anything if it gets hurt.