What is the greatest achievement of one’s life??

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The sense of achievement is different for various people
1. For a mother – To hear the first word from her child
2. For a father – The feeling of becoming a ‘father’
3. For a Old person – When his great grand sons hugs him and says “How are you?”
4. For a artist – The joy and thril in creating a master peice
5. For 99% of us – Getting money, marry good looking girl we always like, keep mom and dad happy, bring up a child, help him to grow, expect good from him, and so on…..

We can go for many pages, but I am feeling sleepy right now.

Good night

Before I sleep, a little prayer towards God.

Oh God….
Thank thee for the wonderful things that you gave me today.
Thank thee for yet another beautiful day.
Thank thee for showing me the right direction
Thank thee for the beautiful moon and stars in the limitless sky..
Thank thee for the first tones of Freedom…

Bless me and my friends at Yahoo! Answers today.
Help them to get the right solution to their answers
Protect the Good…
Help me to avoid the Bad…
Good night God..
Tommorow will be the light..
A dream of dolphin…

(Isent there too much of thee? 😉

May you achieve whatever you desire in life, provided its going to be useful to mankind.
Then, you might tell whats the greatest achievement of ones life..
HariOm tatsat..

Good night..

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At that time, I was hooked on to Yahoo! Answers, but now it seemingly looks boring..Now found a new toy – Twitter..