तू आकाश दिलेस मला
मनमुक्त उडण्यासाठी
आणिक एक घर दिलेस
थकून कुशीत शिरण्यासाठी

आता थोडे थोडे सगळ्यांना
आकाश वाटत फिरतोय
ज्यांना घर नाही त्यांना
घर देण्याचे स्वप्न बघतोय

घरी वाट पाहतय कोणी
तू असा दिला विश्वास
मी फिरतोय खिन्न दिव्यात
भरत अता ज्योतींचे श्वास

You were the one I was dreaming all my life..You were my rain, you were the Sun, I needed both, because I needed you..Words are poor substitutes for feelings, specifically those feelings which are intense, at the same time too complex…But now what remains is the Ashes…The Ashes of Desires…The word cruel is too overused, how can people be so cruel? Why? What makes them behave so brutally? Am I always wrong in learning people? How can it be? She was so beautiful…I remember..it was cold November..leaves were falling..life was a dream…Today my dreams are lost, but I thank God for the little chance he gave me to have those wonderful experiences. Thank You God, I used to see you through her. Bless her.

Poem is stolen from here.