320 GB of terrorism – Exploring a terrorists hard disk

Appearances are deceiving. A meek looking and soft spoken individual turned out be an ace terrorist in the making, can one believe this fact easily? Nope..

Todays paper had a news that explored the 320 GB ‘terrorist’ hard disk. The detailed stats are,

1. The disk contained well over 12000 files,

2. 5000 e-mails,

3. Videos of Osama bin Laden(the head honcho of a well known terrorist firm)

4. Jehadi messages with phone numbers

5. Car bomb design !!!

Incredible, there was no mention of if illegal mp3 files, p0rn videos, pirated software was present, nor the computer brand or OS..Pondering over that, a new concept stuck my mind..Google and major search engines can impress people by marking terrorist sites as ‘Caution : This site contents are not meant for cultured and civilized people‘, this warning will prevent people from visiting those sites, as it is Google maintains a list of spam and malware web pages, it will add a more feature to its popular search engine..Watch this incredible image for more details

Google Search Engine from the future searching for corporate espionage, terrorists and more

So, next time you want to befriend someone, please ask them for their hard disk for a detailed analysis, persistent storage sometimes can answer forbidden questions.