Google Wordmasters – The Aftermath

Desperation, fraustration, anger, hate, curiosity. If you want to know what does it feel like, ask every Google Wordmasters 2006 participants who frantically searched the web for the answer, but unfortunately couldent find it. Its a sort of dismay and disarray. 2 days, and no sign of result..Bingo, its a perfect formula to drive someone crazy..

Did you notice that I had put up a gentle warning about this particular compitition in my first post over here? It simply said this –

Dont fall prey to any competition, even if the sponsers name is Google. Those who are curious, wait for 30 Oct 2006 to see the winners of this great Google Wordmasters bash 2006…

* All content(including the nonsense concept) (c) 2006 Google India .

Sadely, as usual, most of you ignored this warning..


PSClick here to find how wiered and interesting terms people use to search Google. No, it isent a joke, its a hint of desperation. This is a pic I took some couple of nights ago. Enjoy.

Update on 3 Nov 2005 11:15 pm IST

We need to take some vital steps to teach Google India for the extra smartness they have shown.

For at least a week, please boycott Google Search Engine and opt for Yahoo!,,, or Semantic Space Meta Search Engine.

1. Yahoo! is one of the premier portals present today and has got consistant high traffic. Incidently, Yahoo! has got the #1 position according to Alexa web search.

2., previously known as Ask Jeeves turns out to be a surprise package, with great quality contents and relevant terms. Its unlikely that result you will get is of unexpected quality.

3. isent a conventional search engine. Its an ‘answer’ engine not delvering simple links, but relevant content from top websites accross the world. Its best features are – a nice design, simple user interface and lots of other goodies. Incidently, powers ‘The First Tones of Freedom‘ as the default knowledge provider.

4. Semantic Space Web Engine – The last option for Google Web Search. Built on top of Google itself, the meta engine prides itself on providing a top quality searches based on highly well researched and analysed database of useful websites. Use it to find things you never thought to exist. Be careful though, its in beta stage.

For syndication fans, try out – Newsgator, Bloglines, Digg,

With all the united efforts, I am sure that Google understands what users feel when they are hurt. Join it and experience the difference. There is a web beyond Google. Liberate your senses and I bet you will hear the first tones of Freedom.