Google Wordmasters, Pune 

Today I went to the (much advertised and much hyped) Google Wordmaster competition held to find Indias most creative writer (!).

The competition was very simple(Google says it, not me). Two options were given, each having 20 words. We had to choose one of those two and had to write a paragraph/essay/story/dialogue/poem/whatever incorporating those 20 words. The best part was that you had to write it on only one ruled paper provided by courtesy of Google. The hall was filled almost completely as more people turned out to attend the Google event. On top of that, it was great to see that the AC was not working. I had a nice sweat and probably this was the compensatition of missing todays workout. (How can people survice without an AC or cooler or fan? No questions to be asked. )

I am tempted to provide you with one of my worst ever written literature, but after seeing the response to this post.Click this link to find what I wrote at Google WM, Pune.

Meanwhile, curious cats can view the photocopy of Google’s paper* here. (Beware though, the image is scanned in a real life size for optimum viewing.Paper and its contents are (c) Google India 2006)

Todays advice – Dont fall prey to any competition, even if the sponsers name is Google. Those who are curious, wait for 30 Oct 2006 to see the winners of this great Google Wordmasters bash 2006…

* All content(including the nonsense concept) (c) 2006 Google India .


Please go through this link too.