Mission Google Wordmaster

Tommorow is gonna a great day. 298* people. 6 different cities. One competition, One aim – Who is going to be a Google Wordmaster..??

Here I come… 🙂

Because I blog of nothing but mainly of Google and its related technologies, I shouldent worry much. But its scary when someone asks you to write an essay. Theres always a difference between an essay and a blog. 😉

The last time I remember writin’ an essay is my 12th HSC English paper in 2001, where I scored a decent 73%.

But for no reasons it adds pressure when Google asks for its potential impacts on society and blah..blah blah..

Who cares?? Google is good for me. I dunno of the rest of remaining mortals.

  • I registered twice and Dad said no to the invitation. So it leaves a total of 300 – 2 == 298 blokes trying hard to reach to the top of glory.